Reception Show & Tell

Class: Reception Year: 2018 - 2019

The Reception children enjoyed sharing their news in Show and Tell today.

Reuben explained that he had learnt to play golf at the weekend & how to hit the ball to make it go into the hole. Watch out Tiger Woods!! He also told us his dinosaur head had sharp teeth. Ouch!

Lyric made a ‘telescope’ at Rainbows. She explained she made it out of paper, rolled it up & stuck it down with glue. She then took it home where she painted & decorated it with sparkles. She showed us how to use it & said, ‘You can see shooting stars in the sky.’

Erin showed us photographs of her trip to Disney Land Paris where she met lots of Disney Princesses & other characters. She explained how when she met Princess Aurora, ‘She blew me a kiss!’

Millie brought in her swimming certificates and told us what she can do in the swimming pool. Great achievements!

We’re looking forward to hearing from the next group of children next week.

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