French Day

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Year 4 Year: 2016 - 2017

As part of their topic 'Passport to Europe', Year 4 have been learning about Paris. Today we had a French day to celebrate all their hard work during the year. Well done everyone! 

Noel has written another fantastic recount of our day. Thank you, Noel! 


French Day     

On Thursday 20th July year 4 had a French day.

Firstly, we split ourselves into 3 groups. We had 3 sessions and they were cooking, painting and writing a description about France on the   ipads. In the middle of the sessions we would watch a film called Mr. Beans holiday.

Firstly, we were doing a painting of the Eiffel tower well it is not swiping we were doing pointillism of the Eiffel tower and that was magnificent.

Secondly, we went to do some writing about fantastic France on the ipads. We went on an app called Comic life and some people did some pictures about France for an example the Eiffel tower.

Thirdly, we watched some of Mr. Beans holiday and guess what Mr. Bean goes to France. After break we ate chocolate croissants.

Finally, we did our last session which was making quiche, it was a very simple method to make it and it tasted so nice.

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