Puddle Big Talk 27.11.17

Date: 28th Nov 2017 @ 9:56pm

Puddle Big Talk

What a very wet weekend and week it has been so far! This week's Big Talk image is very fitting for the weather!

Share the image with your child and talk about what they see, how it makes them feel. Here are some questions you might like to ask:

What can you see? 

What is the little boy doing? Why?

What is he wearing? Why?

What do you think might happen next?

How do you think he is feeling?

Do you like jumping in puddles?


We loved hearing the children's responses to last week's Penguin Big Talk. The children really enjoyed telling us what they thought. Thank you so much to Oscar, Zachary, Max and Tilly for their excellent ideas! We'd love to hear more feedback on this week's photograph, please comment below!

Oscar S wrote:

It's a hedgehog because his head is spiky.
He's jumping, because it's raining. Because it's muddy puddles, that's what we do when it rains.
Wellie boots and a coat, because that's what we wear in the rain.
He's going to get splashed and muddy.
He's happy, I'm not happy jumping in muddy puddles because if someone else is jumping in it I might get splashed.
No I don't like jumping in muddy puddles.

parentmcgovern wrote:

Zac looked at the picture and said
“Mummy he’s jumping in puddles like me and Alby (Zac’s cousin). He’s got a yellow coat on and wellies. I don’t have a yellow coat, I have a Batman coat. Who is the boy? He’s going to do a big splash. Can we go and jump in puddles?”

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Lovely ideas and vocabulary Oscar and Zac! Thank you!
Mrs Fitzsimons

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