New evidence in the Potion Poacher case - Witness Interview!

Date: 24th Nov 2015 @ 11:04pm

Detective Brown conducted a suspect line-up, based on some of the key characters in our case (including the 2 pet dragons who had disappeared from the Witches' and Wizards' Workshop on the day of the crime!). The Reception children have started interviewing the dragons and other members of staff. 



Today, Detective Brown e-mailed Mrs Fitzsimons with a witness interview video. He interviewed Mrs Whelan, and she noticed some very interesting things indeed! Some of her clues have led the children to rule out one of our key suspects - the shortest dragon in the case has been released from custody as he is shorter than a bird (one of Mrs Whelan's most important statements).





The children have decided they need to interview more staff to get to the bottom of all this!

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Mr. Lavin wrote:

Reception children, I may have some information that is useful for your investigations! Pop up to the Year 6 classroom later and i'll tell you what I know!
Mr. Lavin

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Mr Lavin, Detective Brown has been in for another visit today and has asked the children to interview some more members of staff! The children have been practising their questioning and will be up in the juniors tomorrow!

Harrison Doherty wrote:

I think It was a dragon but I'm going to ask the teachers some questions to help with the crime

Poppy Hayes wrote:

I think it was a big green dragon , we need to ask a few more questions round school and find more clues

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