Lemur Big Talk 10.01.18

Date: 10th Jan 2018 @ 9:07am

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term!

This week we are reading the story, 'How To Lose A Lemur' by Frann Preston Gannon. So this week's Big Talk image is of ring-tailed lemurs!

Share the image with your child. Talk about what they can see. Here are some questions you could ask:

* What can you see? What are these animals? (lemurs)

* How many lemurs can you see?

* What do the lemurs look like? Can you describe them? What colours can you see?

* Do all of the lemurs in the photo look the same? How are they different?

* Where do you think the lemurs are going? 

*How do lemurs move? Do they always crawl?

Here is a video that we have watched together this week:


As always, we would love to hear your child's responses and ideas! Please post on our blog below so that we can share their ideas.

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Oscar S wrote:

* that's a ringtail lemur with black and white stripes
* I can see 5 lemurs
* got 4 legs, orange eyes like the gruffalo, a long stripey tail, a furry head, a furry tummy and a mouth.
* yes they look the same. They have all the same tails and orange eyes.
* that ones smaller
* there going home. They've been to eat berries, leaves and mud. Now they want a treat, marshmallows.
* lemurs jump, and crawl like this (insert Oscar walking around on all fours)

Mrs Bramhall wrote:

Well done Oscar

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Thank you so much Oscar! We loved sharing your comments and were particularly impressed with your lemur moves! Well done!
Mrs Fitzsimons

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