Bonfire Night Big Talk 04.11.16

Date: 3rd Nov 2016 @ 9:01pm


Thank you so much for the comments on our blog page last week! We loved reading about Ava and Olivia's responses!

Please share this week's Bonfire Night image with your child at home. Here are some lovely questions you could ask each other:

What can you see? What do you think is happening? Why? What time of year is it? Which colours can you spot? What sounds might you hear? Which clues can you see?

We would absolutely love to hear your child's responses and whether they have been to a Bonfire Night over the weekend. Please login and comment on the blog page below. We have been talking a lot about firework safety with the children. We hope you all have a fantastic, safe Bonfire Night!

parentkingston wrote:

Olivia looked at the picture and shouted "firework!". She went on to say in her own words, "it's banging because it's bonfire night." The colours she saw were pink, yellow, blue, orange and red. Olivia said it sounded loud and she then clapped her hands together to emulate the sound! She thought it was a nice picture.

parentstansfield wrote:

We loved looking and talking about this picture and all the different colours. Hallie said the picture was 'full of fireworks because it was bonfire night'. Her favourite firework was the pink one.
She said she loved the picture and it was beautiful. We enjoyed making the different noises that fireworks make especially the squeaky ones.

Mrs Fitzsimons wrote:

Thank you so much for the lovely comments!

Wow, Olivia, we love that you used your hands to try and make more sounds like fireworks! Fantastic colours and firework vocabulary.

Hallie, we're so glad you enjoyed talking about the picture at home. We like the pink ones too! We love that you talked about all the different noises, the squeaky ones make us giggle!!!

From Mrs Fitzsimons & Mrs Freer

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